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Genre:Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Directed By:Sergey Bodrov, Sergei Bodrov.

Written By:Joseph Delaney, Matt Greenberg, Charles Leavitt, Aaron Guzikowski, Steven Knight.

Runtime: 1 hr. 42 min.


Jeff Bridges as Master Gregory.

Julianne Moore as Mother Malkin.

Ben Barnes as Tom Ward.

Alicia Vikander.

Kit Harington.

Olivia Williams.



Arrghhh… i dey vex. I cant seem to forgive myself for actually expecting too much from this movie. Well  i guess i got served for expecting too much. And to think, ive being wanting to watch it since it was released last year . This is the most boring scientific movie ive seen since , since, erm erm….i dunt even know. Too boring to be labelled epic or adventure or sci fi or whatever.

Its such a waste of very talented actors, and too much of a mess for a storyline.


What ? With the adrenalin pumping from watching the trailer, you’d think the movie will make you sit on your seat edge. Was actually expecting something as dramatic as the movie 300, shey you get. Well, i didnt grab no pillow from excitement. I was practically yawning. And if not that duty calls for critique and review…. my o my, id have turned off my flat screen. Yea, i had to put that there,  so you’d know i have a surround home theatre in my apartment…lols.


My joy however is that, i didn’t watch it in the cinema then. And to think that was the original plan o…E for pain me die. Owo jonna. Thank God i decided to buy the cd and watch at home. I thrashed it immediately. Twas dry, boring, a drag, no storyline, very predictable, no great effect,  no nothing…. And most annoyingly, nothing exciting to remember it for, except for the fact that it lacks insipiration and excitement.

Im shocked this movie actually came from obodo Oyinbo. Habaa, even  Nollywood IGODO of the early 1998 was better produced and even well delivered.

Seventh son of the seventh son is a wasted line.  What special powers do you posses for being that? What makes you unique? Just Being the seventh son of the seventh son? Was it your destiny to kill the witch?  I mean, i just dont get.  Even the second or third son could have easily done evertything that seventh son did. This guy didnt even do no exploit. Nothing peculiar or particular.   Abeggiiii… i give it more to Naija IGODO jor .

See, if you have nothing to do, and you’d like to waste 102 hours of your life, you can decide to see this movie, or better still, take my advise, just SLEEP.

You’d thank me.

I dnt want to encounter a movie as this again this year. Ive had enough already. Yes, its that bad.

But then, what do i know, im just a movie critique. You be the judge.

Altho, it’s an old movie, a 2014 release.


What do you really think of the movie ” Seventh Son”.


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