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We are your reliable online source for everything you need to know about movies, tv series, web series and short films. We bring you facts and original contents (news, ratings, reviews & critiques) about the african film industry. Here, you will see the good, the bad, the terrific, the epic, the junks, the blockbusters, the “dont miss this” and the crappy ones.


Critics Club (CC) The critics club is a community of young and enthusiastic people who are passionate about the african movie industry. The main objective of the club is to criticize and review movies, TV shows and shorts that have been produced for public consumption. We encourage our members to voice out their opinion about a movie or TV show they have seen and to also interact with fellow critics around the world.


Epic Punch Lines (EPL) A collection of epic punch lines from movies, tv series, tv shows, music and music videos etc. Post them here along with the source and your name or twitter handle, share the page with your friends and family on social media get them to vote for your EPL. At the end of the month, the user(s) who posted the EPL with the highest votes get a free movie ticket. T&C – You don’t have to be a registered users on our site to post an EPL so get started now! To vote for simply click on the “+” sign, to vote against simply click on the “-” sign. Let the fun begin.



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