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I have heard and read different comments and reviews about this movie from those that went to the cinema to watch it when it was first released. Most of them weren’t really impressed with DC’s first attempt at establishing a movie franchise that would compete confidently with the movies coming out of Marvel Cinematic Universe, but despite the reviews and comments I decide to give this movie a chance and watch it.

For me, I wouldn’t blame those were disappointed at the cinemas especially those DC Comic fans that have read the comic book of this movie long before it was adapted into major motion picture. It was only natural for them to have high expectations. I watched the ultimate edition of the movie which lasted for about 3hrs plus, it contained deleted scenes that gave the entire storyline so much more meaning.

The ultimate edition of this movie was so intense, action packed and adrenaline filled. We saw Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Superman (Clark Kent) battle it out one on one. It was really epic and awesome. At the beginning of the movie I didn’t really understand why Batman hates Superman so much, I later realized it was because of the destruction that Superman’s battle with General brought to Gotham and the wreckage that Superman’s so called bigheartedness leaves in its wake. Batman kept plotting on ways to bring down Superman, despite several warnings from his wing-man and butler – Alfred.

The mastermind of the whole beef and fight that happened between Batman and Superman is actually Lex Luthor, CEO of LexCorp. Out of his greed and bogus ambition to be the one to create a weapon that can be used against what he calls “Meta Humans”, he bought the largest rock of kryptonite that was discovered somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

The US Senate Committee Hearing and the media, kept on probing Superman and questioning his authority, jurisdiction and whatnot – something I think is very stupid by the way. Like seriously how can they even think of wanting to control a being as powerful as superman.

Batman got to know about the arrival of this kryptonite rock and he decided to steal from Lex Luthor at the port. The hot pursuit in this scene was really awesome, he couldn’t get the kryptonite rock during the hot pursuit because superman intervened and he had leave. He later broke into LexCorp lab and made the kryptonite rock into a kryptonite smoke grenade and a kryptonite spear-head.

Lex Luthor kidnapped Batman’s mother – Martha. He then told him to go and fight Batman’s to the death if he ever wants to see his mother again. Superman came to meet Batman and tried to reason with him but Batman wouldn’t even listen to him, so begins the epic battle between man and god. Yo! you have to give it up for Batman, the dude tried! He kicked Superman’s arse although with the help of his kryptonite smoke grenade which weakens Superman for a while. They both exchanged some heavy punches and almost tore down the whole of the abandoned building where they were fighting.

Batman almost stabbed Superman with his kryptonite spear, he only stopped because he heard Superman whispering “Save Martha” – that name Martha happens to be the name of Batman’s mother too so it made him to stop. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor was busy cooking up a monster with the lifeless body of General Zord inside the kryptonian ship. The monster emerged and started battling with both Superman and Batman – they’ve become friends! Ghen Ghen Ghen In comes Wonder Woman, who had to abandon her flight out of Gotham when she saw what was happening on the news. Her entrance to battle field was so dramatic and epic, she blocked the beast’s sucker punch that was heading towards Batman with her arm shield. The three of them fought this beast with everything they have but they couldn’t bring him down. Superman eventually picks up the same kryptonite spear head that weakens him and used it to stab the beast’s heart while Wonder Woman holds him down with her whip. Superman died in the process thou but he also killed the beast.

Something funny happened during his burial though thou, the same US government that was probing and trying to control him held a state burial for what they believed was superman’s remains. They didn’t realize that Batman, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane had swapped the body of Superman. They brought him back to Kansas and gave him their own burial. So Superman ended up having two burials on the same day. Yo! You should see the Superman crest on the casket that the US government buried, it was all chrome and shiny like that of a true legend.

Lex Luthor was arrested and sent to jail. Batman who has discovered the existence of what LexCorp called “Meta Human” (Wonder Woman, Cyclops, AquaMan and Flash) from the files he stole from their servers. He told Wonder Woman that they need to work together to find the other like her so that they can protect the human kind.

In conclusion, I would rate this ultimate edition a 10/10 yes I would, because this just the beginning. DC Comics has finally borrowed a page from MCU’s handbook. They dropped hints and introduced new characters that will later go on to have their own independent movies and later come together to fight a common enemy. Find yourself this ultimate edition and watch it, drop your comments agree or disagree with my rating.

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