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Ohk. If you haven’t gone to the Cinema yet, to see this movie… Thank your star or stars (depending on the numbers you have). You ask why? It’s cos im about to save you from wasting, your time and most importantly, your precious money.i

If you’re also planning to still go see it this weekend, then this post is your SUPER-SAVER.. lols.
I mean, this post just saved you, especially your money. E for pain you.


The movie is a complete waste of action. With the high hopes and frenzy excitement, you’d have expected a  seat grabbing, hand full of pop corn suspended in mid air, eye lids to scared to blink, because you just don’t want to miss the tiniest screen movements kinda emotions.Sadly for most of us, we didn’t get that chill thrill we entered the cinema with. Talk about dashed hopes.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice utterly misses the mark on every front.
Ohk, I will try not to be personal or too personal with my review. But everyone, well almost everyone who saw this movie left the cinema angry.
You’d think it was a match where Nigeria lost. Lols. It was that dramatic.

It’s supposed to be epic right? I mean, just look at the title.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wait, did you see the trailer? Didn’t it promise to be one hell of a showdown between two titans of the superhero list?
Sadly,there was nowhere this movie showed an epic clamp down. Some people even argued it’s a replay of the comic book. But, what about most of us who aren’t comic books addict.
What exactly was WonderWoman doing in the movie anyway? Abeg!
Personally, I believe Dawn of Justice would have been an engaging movie, had it not being jam-packed with unnecessary plots, confusing flash backs, annoying chaos and mayhem.
Ohk, let’s even pretend to like the part where the two heroes fought, we were getting into the scene, I mean this was the ” vs ” part,… then they had to spoil it with superman calling out his mother’s name, which coincidentally happened to be same as batman’s. That stopped him in his tracks. Lols, like that was supposed to be super-man saving grace right? Abeg again!
Listen, watch this movie IF and only IF you love chaotic adrenaline. Cos ain’t nothing thrilling about it.

You think otherwise? Let’s hear your views.

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