Jon Snow is gone….

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Please tell me its not true. Tell me he’s not dead, tell me its a dream, tell me he had a vision of his own death.  Tell me he’s still alive. Tell me he’s coming back in season6.

They killed him. His sworn brothers.  Men of the night watch . They killed their brother.They killed the good hearted Jon Snow. And that smallie called Olly was part of the coup.

Was that all Olly learnt from Snow?



Guy, you should have known naa. Being honourable was what killed your father Ned Stark.  I knew it was going to take you places, i just didn’t know it would take you to your early grave. That wasnt one of the places i envisaged jare. E pain me o.



Now that Snow is gone and winter is coming, what next?

what will happen now? Who will save them from winter?


We love you Jon Snow. We will miss you.

Waiting anxiously for season6.



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