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If you haven’t watched season 1, just close this page now and go find it to watch then come back here to read this review.

Oooooohhlaala, 12 Mokeys….hmmm where do I even start? You know how we have all been hearing about time travel in different movies and everyone of them had made attempts to tell the story in such an interesting way? Well I’ve got good news for you….12 Monkeys came and it beats all existing records and sets a new benchmark for everyone and anyone who has ever attempted or will ever attempt to make a movie or series about time travel. Yup it’s that good.

A well written story that is so captivating and intriguing, every episodes leave you wishing you can fast forward time to next week already. Syfy out did themselves with this one, I must confess I didn’t expect this much level of epicness when I started watching this series last year.

It’s a series that broadens your mind and make you question what you think you know about time travel. I’m so surprised that it wasn’t written by Christopher Nolan, because it has all the characteristics of Nolan’s drama like Inception but even better.

James Cole the time traveler and his crush Cassandra Riley, both of them are just too extraordinary in this series from season 1 to 2. Ramsey is also another character who pulled off his role in an amazing way. You also have Jennifer Goines – Miss Crazy who keeps everyone entertained even as time was collapsing around them.

Everyone was battling with the invincible witness – who is only present in their subconscious and is hell bent on destroying time with the help of its messengers. James Cole, Cassandra Riley and Ramsey kept shuffling between different timelines, haunting down and killing all the messengers and  primaries that the witness has sent to destroy time on different dates in different locations in the past.

This series to me is the best attempt so far by anyone who has tried making a movie/series about time travel. The way they switch between one era to another is so amazing. They portrayed each time and era with exactly what you’d expect to see in such time and era. The cinematography is super cool, the story line is encapsulating and very narrative.

Season 2 finale was just a mind blower for me…James Cole who had been stuck in the friend zone from Season 1 finally got his heart desire although it happened in 1959 where him and Cassandra were stuck in because Ramsey failed to kill the Witness in Titan. Cassandra Riley was beginning to assume that maybe this is how it was meant to be for the two of them.

The daughters eventually decided to go help Ramsey at Titan after the new version of their mother Jennifer Goines failed to inspire them to fight.  Professor Jones became a bad arse and started defending herself. The craziest thing then happened, Titan moved through time. Asin a whole city just vanished into the future! I was awwwed, like what da hell…Cassy was captured by some of the 12 monkeys army inside Titan while it was about to leave for the future, while James Cole escaped, Professor Jones calculated that Cassey was taken to 2163 and as you would expect James Cole went after his baby mama and the love of his life.

Season 3 promises to be even more interesting now that the fight has been taken into the future. With future technology at their disposal let’s wait and see how both Cassey and James Cole will make it back to 2044.

In conclusion I will give 12 Monkeys a gallant 9/10. The series is just in a class of its own no other show like it that I’ve seen comes close. Make sure you watch it and drop your comment below.

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