TV Series Review: Fox’s Empire Vs Starz Power!

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Last year was a good year for a lot of TV series, but there some TV series that got people talking and talking and these series kept the conversation going for a long time. So today I present to you guys the very first edition of  CA’s Versus review and we are featuring Fox’s Empire and Starz Power.

There has been several arguments as to which of these two TV shows is the best because they both have certain things in common. For me personally I have watched both of them and I’m going to tell you which one I think is the best and why. Before I start let me quickly remind you all that both of these TV series are already in their second seasons and if I’m right I think they’re both working on the third season as of now. So this comparison is based on the already released two seasons.

I would personally choose Starz Power over Fox’s Empire. (P.S before you bite me, read my reasons below)

  1. Although both TV shows are original content, Starz Power has more authenticity to it when compared to Fox’s Empire
  2. Although both TV shows were referencing street hustling and dope business, Starz Power showed us more of the true picture of what it looks like to be dealing dope on the streets of New York
  3. Starz Power has everything that there is about dope business hustle and trying to go legit
  4. Fox’s Empire is all about the music business – talent discovery and management etc. – which is ok, but not enough because it was kind of hijacked midway by the LGBT movement people to promote their agenda while Starz Power on the hand stayed focus and kept everybody entertained all the way.
  5. Majority of the cast in Starz Power are all new faces – except for Curtis Jackson and Lala, yet everyone did a perfectly good job with their role and pulled off a brilliant performance. While Fox’s Empire kept bringing on different big name superstars in different episodes.
  6. Starz Power was consistent with their storyline all through season 1 and 2, they kept the continuity and adrenaline going while Fox’s Empire seems to have lost it after season 1. The only character that kept it together was Lucius Lion. Hakeem was been an arrogant prick and Cookie lost her sense of humor that impressed the audience when she first got out of prison.
  7. The main characters of Starz Power were Ghost and Tommy which made it less complicated for the audience to follow while Fox’s Empire main characters was the entire Lucius Lion’s family, his music career, that of his sons and ex-wife. Fox’s Empire became more like a reality TV show about the Lucius Lion Empire – that is way too complicated.
These are my reasons why I would choose Starz Power over Fox’s Empire, its no surprise a lot of people felt the same way because according to TV viewership report and ratings Fox’s Empire recorded a drop of 3 million viewers when the second season premiered. if you don’t agree feel free to leave a comment below 🙂
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