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EXODUS : Gods and Kings.

Director: Ridley Scott

Cast : Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, Maria Valverde, Sigourney Weaver

Time :150mins.


Taken from the real life account of the old testament,Exodus is a biblical adaptation of the isrealite release from slavery.Personally, I really dnt know what to make of this movie and it’s twisted storyline. Except for the fact that the sequence of the plague was quite in order,at least it makes sense that each succession follows the preceding plague,the whole storyline and the creative imagination of the producer was lost on me.
The flooding and accident led to his burning bush encounter, which to me wasn’t well depicted.The most humorous part was God being represented in a Child.. lol. A beautiful innovation i must say, since, no one has ever seen GOD. Altho,I must agree that the God-child played his role expertly.
Exodus:Gods and Kings is quite flat and undescriptive for a real life event of a whole nation.Right from its ironic title,to the priestess prophecy,all down to some missing events which were key. for instance,Moses rod didnt turn to snake to swallow pharaoh magicians snakes,I was expecting to see the pillar of fire by night and cloud by day. Then, I couldn’t just figure out why Rameses had the food store house opened to his people, only for him to have them fired at,(I’m guessing that was supposed to show how evil and unrelenting he was to even his own people,right ?).Well,it explains the 8th plague of darkness. But then, I’m also wondering, could it be that God used the darkness as a way of coming to the poor Egyptians rescue? Because the shooting ended with the darkness..
Let’s move on to the part where the red sea parted. I dnt know if the producer followed the bible story, but hey there was some part he shouldn’t have tampered with. The sea was supposed to be a wall on each side.I didn’t see no sea-wall. Then, yes,Moses was supposed to be holding a rod, not a sword ( I wonder who suggested the sword instead of a rod).
On a general note, Exodus: Gods and Kings looks more like the storytelling of a Superhero. They worked more on myths than Facts.

In the words of Chris Sawin, an online movie examiner, he said and I quote “Even Christian Bale’s noteworthy performance can’t save the fact that “Exodus” never finds a proper pace thanks to its offbeat storytelling”. I couldn’t agree more.
There really isn’t much to write about this movie.
The story ended abruptly.

They tried, e no easy naa.


Costume : Nice,altho at a point I had an issue with Moses beards,and bloody face. Then, their eyeliners.. gosh!.

Events : not chronological, but they make sense in some ways sha.

Is it worth the watch?..Dunno. You decide, and share what you think.

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