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Ok, ok….I just watched this insanely cool red band trailer of Game of Thrones Season 6 and believe me when I say I freaked out like a mad man. Asin I totally freaked out, I died like 3 times and woke up again screaming winter is coming. Like holy gwakamolly, what the hell????? Can winter come already? Can we fast forward this month already and bring in April 24, 2016.

To get a feeling of what I felt when watching this trailer kindly click on the play button below and see for yourself.

I am totally hyped as to what will happen this season. It’s looking like this will be the bloodiest of all the seasons so far. There has been a lot of speculations as to what will happen but for me, I don’t want to join the predictors. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and pray that April 2016 come’s fast.

I sincerely pity the other TV shows that will be released at the same with Game of Thrones next month. With this adrenaline filled trailers that HBO keeps dropping, other shows viewership count will take serious hits when Game of Thrones starts airing.

Feel free to drop your comment about your reactions to this trailer.

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