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Some couple of days back, the NPF made some announcement instructing people to leave the polling booth immediatley after they vote.According to the spokesman, theres just no use hanging around, so as not to be caught in the midst of any uproar.

Well, trust the opposing party APC to come back at the NPF. APC countered it by advising voters to stay put till their vote is counted.Saying if they leave before the count,our vote could be manipulated.
Now, with the way things are right now in the country, the unrest, occasional fight breakout, especially as the election draws closer, do you think its advisable voters stay back to protect their vote or they heed the caution of the NPF by leaving immediately after voting? if APC wants voters to stay back, have they put security measures in place, especially as the body in charge of National security has instructed all voters to leave immediately.Who do we obey? who do we follow? The NPF or APC?
should Nigerians stay back to count their vote or vacate the polling booth immediately after voting?

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