Lagos Invasion!!!

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It’s just 7 days to elections and for about three out of those days now, almost every nook and cranny of the streets of Lagos has been invaded and occupied by both Heavily Armed Military men in tanks, Armed Police men and the renowned thugs called OPC.

The present government (which is outgoing by the way) has deployed these armed personnel to Lagos, these heavily armed personnel have been wrecking intimidation and fear into the minds of the Lagosians ahead of the Saturday polls. The OPC thugs have been on a rampage of vandalism and broad day light robbery of innocent Lagosians in traffic jams, while making their way back home from work.

Now if you can recall we heard about something similar to this that was done to the people of Osun State last year during their gubernatorial election – by the same government and its cohorts.

Here is my verdict, this government has failed woefully and is actually deluded to think that Lagosians can be intimidated into making a choice. We are eagerly waiting for Saturday, the countdown has begun and the will of the people shall be manifested.

We won’t fight because if Lagosians decide to retaliate, it’ll be total chaos. We have known relative peace on the streets of Lagos until their arrival, anyone that tries to blame this on Agberos (area boys) is just plain stupid or dumb. Agberos – although I have my reservations about them, they don’t usually disturb Lagosians. They mind their business which is often with bus drivers at the garage and leave private car owners.

Let’s vote out incompetency and mediocrity. March 28 come already pleasesssseeeee!!!

An ardent lover of classic movies, animations, country music and adventure video games (COD,BF4 etc). An experienced social entreprenuer who is multiskilled in the media and IT industry. I believe in calling a spade, a spade without sugar coating if i piss you off with my posts here, its nothing personal. Stayed tuned for more interesting reads.

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