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The last last time I counted (and by last time, I mean yesterday morning). The list of those walking for our newly elect president seems to be increasing.

Yes, I’m as confused as you too. I seriously dunno was up with people and this newly found craze. Of course I know walking is good for the health,  afterall that’s the cheapest form of exercise around town, but when walking suddeny becomes a Cause, then there’s cause for alarm niyen o,  abi?

Well, apart from Suleiman Hasimu,  the man who started it with  genuine reasons too,  I personally believe that others are just copycats. Everybody suddenly saying they made a promise to walk to the FCT should General BUHARI win is unbelievable.  Walking na passion? Abi FCT na Kingdom of Heaven? abeggii.

I personally believe these other walkers decided to take up this walk when they discovered the first walker was received by the General himself. They must have concluded that aside from the handshake and welcome, Suleiman must have been given a house and a job and plenty money too,.. Who doesn’t want the same, and if walking is what will earn them these things,  then walk we shall…lool.

And just yesterday, I heard a  woman and her newly born has also joined the walkers. I saw a picture of her on a blog , she had her baby straddled to her back, poor  child. I’d like to personally follow her up, I’m interested in knowing how the story will end. Don’t worry, I will bring you the gist.

In the meantime, i wish her and all other walkers a ” happy walking”.



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