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You wont believe who starred as Sarah Connor  in this movie. Game of thrones pretty Kaleesi.  I couldn’t miss her face, even in the dark, maybe because she was one of my favourite cast in the Game of Thrones. But she was there live and hard.  And as usual, she did what she does best….lols. if you know what I mean. I love her still.


Genisys… i really dunno where to place this movie o. But seriously, it just didn’t cut it out for me. Its not as ghen ghen as I expected it to be jare . On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 5. The storyline was just somehow, going back and forth. I’m not one who gets easily lost on a movie plot o, I see what the director wants us to see very fast and clearly and early too, but this one , this Genisys, got me finishing my smoothie and  plantain chips in no time. Even the stunts didn’t keep me glued.

I’m believing its supposed to be what happened before teminator 1 abi, but it didn’t connect. If Arnold was sent as the guardian in Genisys, why was he the executioner in terminator 1. The Genisys story was meant to flow seamlessly into terminator 1 naa.

If you’ve  watched spartacus 1 and 2, you’d understand what I’m saying. Spartacus Season 2 showed us what happened before season 1, and it was seamless. Genisys isn’t.

I’m sorry, nothing much to excite my review. Apart from one or two hilarious scene where Mr Arnold was flashing his teeths in an attempt to smile, there really isn’t much to keep you glued.

If you think otherwise, let’s hear your argument, but if you havnt seen it, oya go and watch and come back to drop your comments….

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