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Director: Kazuaki Kiriya

Screenplay: Michael Konyves.

Screenplay :Dove Sussman.

Cast : Clive Owen . Morgan Freeman . Aksel Hennie .

Language :English

Country of Origin:Czech Republic, South Korea.

Duration:115 mins.



I have seen this movie 16 times, and I’m still not bored. Well, I don’t think I will be. This is one of my greatest love after Immortals and Gladiators. Gees, i love everything about this movie. The story line, the plot, the cast, the delivery,…its endless. I could go on, but before i get carried away by my love for Last Knight, let me give you the gist of the movie.


It all started when king Bartok was falsely accused by Geza Mort,the corrupt minister representative of the Emperor. He succeeded in having the Emperor sentence King Bartok to death by beheading. And it didn’t even end there, Bartok land was taken from him, his family sent to exile, his army dismissed.

Although,Geza Mort thought he had won, but he suspected that his victory could be short lived. He really expected Raiden to fight  back, especially since he (Raiden) was forced to execute his king. Geza Mort expected a clap back  and he was ready for it. Boy, that guy built himself a fortress. He sent spies after Raiden  he didn’t want to be caught off guard.

And Raiden?  He lost all , he disavowed the army, moved into a shackle,  became a drunkard, abandoned his responsibility at home, he gave up on life and all… or so we thought.

Then suddenly, the general came back to earth,  ashey he was actually pretending nii… as in that bobo get strategy jor.


He knew he was being followed, he knew Geza Mort was planning his defence, he knew if he struck at that time, they would be no match for the resistance.  So he deliberately laid low. You go fear naa… he was actually pretending… and the shocker? I will tell, you the shocker later.

While he was acting and playing dead on earth , my guy Raiden was busy gathering information, and planning his attack.  And just when Geza Mort thought his days of fears were over,his personal body gaurd told him there was no more cause for alarm, the general and his army struck.

Go and watch it, its best seen.

These movie like I said was well acted and delivered. Each actors knew his lines.  I would rate last knight 9 out of 10. And yes, the shocker i mentioned. …Raiden wife was actually in on the plan all the while.


Last knight is worth the cinema ticket…trust me.



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