Happy New Year guys.

Society News/Trends

Hey… Yayiiii… # dancing to bobo.
If you’re reading this, then let me congratulate you, you made it, yes we both made it into 2016. Dem be wan fall our hand, but na Godwin.
The entire CA team says “Happy new year” to all CA site visitors. We see your likes, we appreciate your clicks. We love your feedbacks. You are the reason we dig, you make us explore tirelessly.


Ya’ll should get your grooves on. Grab your polka cups and corns. We’re taking the fight to the street, heehee,

street ti take over’.


Oohps, sorry, that didn’t sound tush, right? erm..erm,
#now trying to mimick Vivica.A.Fox
Yeah, this is the time for us to take it to the street with our … ???aarghh.
It’s not working. Who cares about tush anyway. We’re going bloody.


The Arena was never designed to be a beauty run way.
So come on, it’s time to box and punch. Feel free to vent your angers and emotions here on CA.


Pick on The thespians, the producers, the film tricks, contents, storyline etc . Its vast,… Nollywood, Hollywood, bollywood, anywood.

Rant it out on CA.


We promise you this will be one exciting year to all our loyalist. Tell your friends to invite their friends. Get hooked to Naija num1 movie battle Arena.

There will be random give aways of first class movie tickets, ( both 3d and 2d).

There will be a bi-weekly site visitors feature.  Contributions from willing site visitors analysis on any movies they’ve seen and wish to critique, if it’s post worthy, we will post it.

Kindly send them to : seyiricketts@criticsarena.com
And yes, watch out , something very explosive is coming out from CriticsArena this season. Just watch this site.
We promise you excess of what we do best. Yes, Movies, movies, and more movies.
Reviews, critiques, updates, frontlasah, backlash et all… it’s going to be one bloody arena this season.


Hope the year brings lot of smiles and blessings….
Here’s to an adventurous movie year.
We care…
# the CA team



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