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Our governor went on a sacking spree yesterday.

Heard he sacked 72 directors and he also officially shut down some parastatals. I dunno what those parastatal are yet tho, but im seriously hoping and praying that two certain parastatals be included. No, im not telling.  Its my secret. And im keeping it…heehee


Was his action crude? Well, ai dunno. its not my call to say, who knows, could be for the greater good. Altho,i know its not nice to wake up and suddenly realise you are no longer needed.

Head of something is now head of nothing.

As in…, and the annoying thing is you never even see it coming. It just arrives,  and you dare not say no. Yea, you have to welcome the unwanted visitor.

Government job is so unstable, you can be sacked  impeached, suspended, replaced, demoted, name it ,at any bloody time. Perhaps the most scariest of it all is the fact that you could also be killed on the job too, awon enemies. So, whats the craze for?

Well, i hope those sacked directors have a backup plan,  or a retirement plan, or a sack plan or any plan for days like these. Im sure they do. They all do. All government workers do. Abi? Isnt that the first thing they do once they get there.

As for me, all i want is to build an empire where even government will come borrow from. Im totally not a fan of govt work abeg.

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