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Exclusive Interviews

Hello everyone, I was super excited when this amazingly talented young lady Jessica accepted my request for an interview.  I couldn’t help myself when i saw picture of her work on Hafeez Oluwa’s BBM, I had to make sure I get contact and share her story + work with you guys. Nigerians are talented, please share this article to help spread the word about what she does.

Q. What is your full name?

A. Ogbuka Jessica


Q. Who is Jessica?

A. Jessica is an IBO girl from Anambra state and a makeup artist

Q. What is your educational background?

A. I finished from National Open University of Nigeria with a BSc in Mass Communication

Q. What made you decide to be a special effects make-up artist?

A. As everyone knows there is no job in Nigeria lol…not funny anyways; one way or the other one just have to do one or two things to survive and right from primary school days I have always known how to draw so I have always had that love for art, special effects make-up is messy and interesting it’s challenging and that is what made me fell in love with it; bone effects, broken ribs, knife, zombie cuts it’s just interesting to do.

Q. What was your parent’s reaction/reception when you told them you want to be a special effects makeup artist?

A. They were very supportive as any normal parent would, just that they most time my special effects scare them lol…they would be like OMG did you break your finger how on earth did you do that?

Q. Where did you learn about special effects make-up?

A. It is hard to believe but I did not pay to learn special effects make-up I just did a few research and talent and creativity did the rest.

Q. How did you get the whole special effect make-up business started?

A. I just decided one day this is what I want to do and I focused on that and pulled it off.

Q. I see that you have this particular watermark on all your works “JAE Make-Overs”, is that your outfit name? If yes, what does it mean and did you come about it? Is it registered?

A. JAE is shot for Jessica I just coined it because that’s what most people I know call me – JAE JESS so I decided to myself as JAE_MAKEOVERS, by God’s grace it about to be registered.

Q. How do you source for your materials?

A. Getting materials for special effects makeup is a very tedious and very expensive task but at end it all comes together.

Q. Do you have a team or it’s just you?

A. Well for now I have no team I just started but with time my team will grow.

Q. How long have you been a special effects make-up artist?

A. I just started this not quite long, it’s been 4 months now.

Q. How much does an average movie special effects gig pays you?

A.Can’t disclose that lol

Q. How many movies have you done special effects make up for?

A. Two for now, I am still a fresher. The two films are 1. Possessed – Directed by Ali Akdogan 2. The last of Us (Fan Film) also directed by Ali Akdogan.


Q. How often do you get these gigs?

A. Not everyone can afford to pay for makeup it comes when it comes

Q. How have you been marketing yourself and your business?

A. Through any means both social media and flyers and physical contact


Q. What are the challenges of being a newbie in the special effect make-up business?

A. I would say getting clients is the hardest because Nigerian movie directors like the old fashion make-up style and the not so good stuff

Q. Why would a movie director want to choose to work with you?

A. Any movie director that is ready to break away from the norm would choose to work with me because I am very creative and talented. I also pay great attention to details.

Q. What inspires you to keep going on?

A. I inspire myself to keep going, no one can stop me except me.

Q. What would your advice be to young creative and talented people like yourself out there who are looking at starting what you do?

A. I would advice them to keep practising, never stop because the more you practice the better you will become.

Q. Where do you see yourself and your business in the next 5yrs?

A. I see myself teaching people about special effects and beauty make-up and also working with Nollywood.


Q. If a movie director is reading this article right now and he/she is interested in working with you, how can they contact you?

A.  I can be contacted via telephone, email and social media. Here are my details:- Phone: 07033464616, 08142781983,

e-mail:ogbukajessica@yahoo.com,  Facbook: Ogbuka Jessica, Twitter: jae_makeovers, Instagram: jae_makeovers. 

Q. What should we expect from the stables of JAE Make Overs in 2016?

A. Expect more works, more creativity, more impacts and more blessings.


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