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Hello to you all, I recently caught up with a former classmate of mine Micheal Lenix whom we attended SMEDLAB Animation Course together back in 2013. This dude has recently became a sensation on facebook, I wasn’t too surprised thou because i knew how much he was passionate about live action and camera during our training. I was glad when he accepted my intervew request,  read along to find out what Micheal has been up to in the nigerian film and tv industry. Remember to share this article.

Q: Who is Micheal Lenix Onah?

A: Ok, Michael Onah aka Mr Lenix is a film maker, graduate of Theatre and film studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka. Actually my passion for film making and entertainment, started way back in primary school when I acted as Pastor in primary 3 and 4. Presently I am film maker pro, expertise in cinematography, editing, and graphics. I own a digital cinema production company based in lagos called LENIX MULTIMEDIA  focused in creating distinct visuals.  

micheal with camera



Q: Last week a film that you shot for entry into the “48hrs Film Challenge” premièred at the cinemas – “Banana from Ibadan”, tell us about the film, what inspired the story, the title choice?

A: Well, last week the film ‘Banana from Ibadan’ was premiered at OZONE CINEMA, Yaba as one of the films shortlisted in Nigeria for 48Hours world film project.

The title was derived from the general theme given to us by the project mentors, we were asked to write a story, turn it to screen play, do a production plan, gather actors and prop, shoot, edit and deliver a short film within 48hours.

So when we were asked to write a story that revolves around a banana with only two characters EMEKA and EBELE OKOYE, first we were challenged because we already have wonderful stories to shoot. The specifications limited our writer, Mr Edward Uka. But we succeeded in  composing a story.

The story is basically about a young lady by name EBELE OKOYE who abandoned her lover BALLA (a KEKE rider) for a fake lover who used and dumped her few minutes after her break up with BALLA

Q: How many people worked on the  film?

A: Four persons:  Philip Azeke – as Balla, Mere Ruth – as Ebele Okoye, Edward Uka – as writer and director, Michael Onah-Lenix- as cinematographer, editor, sound designer.

Q: What was your initial budget for the movie?and how much did you ended up spending? 

A: Well the production cost is funny, initially we didn’t plan to spend a dime, but a friend that promised to provide a camera disappointed. So I picked my guys camera gave him stipend (11,000).

Q: How were you able to raise the funds to finance the production?

A: Philip Azeke raised the money for camera, then I spent my little savings on the rest of the expenses.

Q: What were the challenges you faced during production?

A: First challenge I had was, late production planning, my colleagues assured me everything was ready and ended up providing only a tripod. So I have to start running around for other equipment with the remaining 24 hours. I couldn’t get lapel microphones or boom mic, so my sound didn’t help my final product. It pained me so much because people would have appreciated my creativity if the sound was cool.

Q: What made you choose to be a film maker?

A: Film making chose me instead, I am a child of story, picture and emotion, film making is the only way to live this life.

Q: What did you study in school?

A: I studied THEATRE AND FILM STUDIES, UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NSUKKA,  second honours(upper division).

Q: Apart from the 48 hours film challenge which other film have you worked on?

A:  I have been part of award winning films like:

‘Being Single’ produced by Simon Peacemaker (Editor, DOP)

‘Dejavuu’ – (Graphics)

‘Trials of Igho’-(Sound Designer and part of editing.)

Watch it on IROKO TV and see comments

I currently work as the editor of a TV Show running on Africa Magic ‘UdaOgene’ (channel 159) and many private skits, documentaries and music videos.

Here are some of the pictures of some jobs I have done so far. dejavuu trails of igho

tv shows


Q: You’ve become quite a popular in the Nigerian film making circle – as a talent to watch out for, how does it feel being recognized for your hard work?

A: I remembered what my mentor EBELE OKOYE (the best animation film maker in Africa) said to me after collecting her award at AFRIFF in Eko Atlantic.  She said ‘Michael I have climbed that      stage, next should be you’. So I said my film was shortlisted for 48hours world film project, next time I am climbing award stage like EBELE.

Q: What’s next for Micheal Onah-Lenix?

A: My company will embark on personal projects this year. Expect the unexpected visual story telling from my company soon. Will also train new cinematographers and editors to work with me          because I will establish a full Production team that are young, vibrant, creative and PRO in their jobs.

Q  Why are you using Lenix as your last name? is it your actual middle name? what does it mean?

A: LENIX is name derived from Elizabeth an period in England. It’s a name of a strong-willed man whose determination germinated to a great man, the whole empire reckoned with. This is my dream, one day I will be at the top and remain an abyss of knowledge and reference for success.

Q: Aside from film making what else do you do for a living?

A: I didn’t want to mention earlier; I am also a music producer. Music was the first showbiz I explored. So I release my songs alongside my films. When I was young I noticed I was a multi-talented kid, so I build all my skills together. So from my multiple talents, I do the following:

Graphics designingGrading/Colouring, Editing, Cinematography, Directing, Script Writing, Animation Music production and Idea generation for any business …let me stop here, most times when I say things like this, people will say ‘Only you?’  but honestly I do all of them with evidence of jobs. I will put some links and pictures down the page. Though film making seem to be taking more of me, the music side is cooking hot, will soon hit up your neighbourhood.

Q: You probably get asked this all the time, what would your advice to young talents out there that are interested in becoming a film maker just like you?

A:  First I will use the harsh word, its hard and brutal. Calm down, don’t come into film making to escape poverty, unemployment or to gain fame. If you have it in you, your star will shine, if it’s           not there….hmmnnnn. it’s better you find something else. Back in 2009 I told my Mother to give me 25 thousand, that I want to become a super star, I joined movie industry, waka up and down. I didn’t make any money, but some good actors  discovered the fire burning inside me, advised me to enhance all my creative talents and enter University so I can become a Professional in my field. So learn as much as you can, money will come don’t be in a haste.

Q:  Surely you have gone through our website; what do you think of what we are trying to do here at Critics Arena?

A:  New generation who wants to sharpen the child Nollywood gives birth to. It’s great, movie critique department is a quintessential department that is a lacuna in Nollywood. Critics Arena have emerged to fill it. Besides, Critics Arena nourishes us with the latest gist in movie worldwide, it’s a good place to be.

Q: Can we look forward to more exclusive interviews with you?

A: Of course, especially when LENIX MUTIMEDIA have more credits to his name. Join on facebook @michael lenix, instagtram @lenix_multimedia, bbm: @55B1FE38

Thank you for your time.




An ardent lover of classic movies, animations, country music and adventure video games (COD,BF4 etc). An experienced social entreprenuer who is multiskilled in the media and IT industry. I believe in calling a spade, a spade without sugar coating if i piss you off with my posts here, its nothing personal. Stayed tuned for more interesting reads.

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