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Exclusive Interview with Diji Aderogba

QUE: Who is Diji Aderogba?

ANS: dijiaderoGBA is a young Nigerian Film maker, Writer (Author) and photographer. Sometimes, a talkative and food lover. Smiles

QUE: When did you realized you had to be a film maker?

ANS: I think I realized I was born to be an artist since my primary school days. I have always loved to tell people how to act on stage during end of year parties and I called some of my friends together to act the way I wanted them to act. I grew up watching Tunde Kelani’s films and via that, I have always dreamt of making good films i.e. telling my stories via motion pictures and today, I’m grateful to God everything is a reality.

QUE: When did you enrolled and finished from Mainframe Film and Media Institute (MFMI)?

ANS: February to May, 2017. Honestly, one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

QUE: Who were your role model while growing up?

ANS: Like I said, Tunde Kelani’s works inspired me a lot & helped me as a dreamer. His style of telling stories is nothing to be compared to & his love for his culture & people also inspired me a lot. Kunle Afolayan’s works also helped me & I still see the these two as great influencers in my life as a film maker. The first time I met these great film makers? I cried. Lol

QUE: What inspired your latest work “TO BE A CHILD AGAIN”?

ANS: TO BE A CHILD AGAIN was inspired by the title. I was with a friend, Tunde Alimi & he mentioned the title and immediately, I connected with that so fast even though I didn’t know what was going to come out of it. When I traveled back home, I kept thinking of what to write to compliment this and I thought about Child Education and within a few minutes, I finished the script and I knew it was time for me to produce something after my first short film. I’m happy I didn’t neglect the idea when it first came.

QUE: What made you cast that particular boy (Samuel Anuoluwapo) as your lead?

ANS: Nothing. I just wanted a boy to play the lead role not a female. For a role like this, every film maker will use a young girl because people feel for ladies more in this contemporary period. When I called Samuel Anuoluwapo (Lead Actor) and told him I wanted to feature him in my film, he was happy and agreed immediately without any stress. Unfortunately, he played his reality in my short film. It was after the production he told me he played his reality in my film and told me he would never forget this moment in his life. After he said this, I shed tears and today, I thank God for bringing him to me when I needed him to play the role.

QUE: What made you decide to make the short film a silent one?

ANS: To me, film isn’t what you hear but what you see and convey via motion pictures. I wanted people to connect via pictures and also, create images in minds of my audience and I thank God it worked. Laughs

QUE: How long did it take you to complete the production?

ANS: Lol Two days. Hahahahahahahaha.Short? Well, it was short but stressful. I thank God for my friends that made up my team. We all had a strong spirit when working on this production, everybody worked so well. Thanks to Kaaka Media, DKM, Ello Concept and everyone that came to support me.

QUE: How were you able to source for the equipment’s you used?

ANS: God, Kaaka Media, Ello Timi Alaka and DKM made that happen…

QUE: What was your budget for the production?

ANS: Lol let’s wave that… We spent though.

QUE: How were you able to get the help you needed for both the PRE & POST?

ANS: Again, the team made it happen. After each production day, my editor and I sat down for hours to make the pictures fit and correlate. Overnight work but today, I thank God for the sacrifice.

QUE: You’ve been receiving massive commendation since your debut, how does it feel to be popular?

ANS: I won’t say I’m popular yet and really, I’m not after the fame, i just want to tell stories and impact to lives via my films. Yes, I feel great for the views, comments, messages and calls I have gotten after I released my film. Honestly, I never thought it was going to come out this way but then, I’m grateful and thank all my social media friends, the public, bloggers (Bellanaija and Reuben Abati) for posting my film on their sites. It’s been massive and I’m happy.

QUE: What should we be expecting next from the stables of Diji Aderogba Films (DAF)?

ANS: Well, more films and more works from others. Hopefully, we have another short film and then, a feature film. There’s nothing God cannot do. Laughs

QUE: Yes, why did you chose to name your production after yourself?

ANS: I want to be known for being me in everything. I love my name and nothing else came to my head when I wanted to name my production company.

QUE: What are your plans for the distribution of this your work?

ANS:  Hopefully, Film Festival platforms, YouTube and NGOs company.

QUE: In conclusion, what you like to say to our dear readers and your fans that are reading this interview right now? r

ANS: Dear CA readers, i will urge you to never stop reading contents via this platform because they are the best at what they do and to my friends that are rereading this (i call my loved ones friends not fans *smiles*), thank you for supporting me and sharing my story… God bless everyone.

A very passionate individual that is interested in seeing the entertainment industry achieve its full potential where everyone succeeds.

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