‘TRON 3’ is happening, with Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund

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It took almost 30 years for Hollywood to make a sequel to TRON. And when TRON: Legacy hit theaters in December 2010, it explicitly pointed the way forward to further neon-monochrome adventures beyond the grid. But although rumors of a TRON threequel persisted for years, there never seemed to be an official momentum for the film.

Until now: EW has confirmed the news, originally reported by The Hollywood Reporter, that Disney is moving forward with a new TRON film. TRON will star Legacy leads Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund, while director Joseph Kosinski will return to helm the threequel, which is supposedly titled TRON: Ascension or maybe TRON: Redemption or possibly TRON: Rise of the Isomorphics! One can only wish.

Although Legacy had a soft critical response and good-not-great box office, it’s proved oddly persistent in pop culture, partially/entirely thanks to cultishly adored Daft Punk soundtrack. (Disney clearly sees the world of TRON as one of its key properties—the characters and the unique retro-future aesthetic pop up in Disney Infinity, and there’s a TRON ride planned for Disney Shanghai.)

Although there’s no official timeline for the production yet, various rumors point to TRON 3 filming in Vancouver later this year; given the lengthy post-production process, that would put it on track to hit theaters in 2017 (or possibly even 2018, depending on how many lightcycles they need to fit in). Given how Legacy ended, it seems unlikely that Jeff Bridges will return.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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