There might be more on Michelle MacLaren’s departure from Wonder Woman

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Creative differences“. That’s what we were told led to original director Michelle MacLaren and Warner Bros parting ways during the early development of the Wonder Woman movie. We all know there’s more to the story than those two dreaded words, of course. And one or two further details have started to emerge.

Variety for one claims it knows something. And that ‘something’ might give us an indication of what kind of story the Wonder Woman movie is looking to tell. It boiled down to this: MacLaren wanted “an epic origin tale in the vein of Braveheart“. Warner Bros, on the other hand, wants something a little less action-packed and more character driven.

Character driven is fine, but considering how crucial it is for the Wonder Woman movie to not only be done right, but to be a roaring box-office success, perhaps establishing Wonder Woman as a world-beating badass would be the safer approach? Might Warner Bros be trying to keep the budget under control, we wonder?

There are as many as six Wonder Woman screenplays currently in development, one of which is by Pan writer Jason Fuchs. Fuchs’ draft may be the ‘epic’ one that MacLaren preferred. Production is set to begin this autumn, so we’ll soon find out which of the six has won out. We’re not very concrete on these details so you might probably take these with light consideration.

Wonder Woman opens on June 23rd 2017. Gal Gadot is starring, and Patty Jenkins is now in the director’s chair.

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