Purported Red Netflix “Daredevil” Costume Image Leaks Online

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Since promotion for Marvel Television’s Daredevil series has ramped up over the past few weeks, fans have wondered when — or if — a photo of series star Charlie Cox in a live-action version on the character’s classic red costume would be revealed. No such image has yet been officially released by Marvel, but Wednesday night on Reddit, just such an image — found on Netflix’s website — has surfaced, in a low-resolution version.

Marvel Television has not responded to inquiries for comments.



The image, seen above, would be consistent with the style of earlier released promo images of Cox — both as civilian identity Matt Murdock, and the show’s early version of the Daredevil costume, inspired by the John Romita Jr.-designed costume from celebrated origin miniseries “Daredevil: Man Without Fear”, shown below.

mattmurdock-28793 daredevilcostume-dcce1

Keep checking CriticArena for more on “Daredevil,” which debuts on Netflix in full — 13 episodes — this Friday,  April 10.

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