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Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2019. I would like to apologize for the silence on the website throughout 2018. It wasn’t intentional at all, it was due to circumstances that were beyond our control. Nevertheless, WE ARE BACK!!! This year we are going to do everything we can to make sure that we keep you informed and engaged, we will catch up on the movies of 2018 that have been to the cinema and are now on-demand or DVD, we will also be talking about movies, tv shows, web series that will be released this year.

To kick off the year, I was at the cinema over the weekend and I watched Lion Heart – A movie that was directed by Genevieve Nnaji. The movie has been making a lot of waves on social media since Netflix acquired the exclusive global right to stream it online some weeks prior to its release, so I decide to watch it and see for myself what the buzz is all about.


I would like to start by pointing out that almost everything about this movie is so good and on point, like 96%, yes, it’s that good. The cinematography is topnotch, the storyline is intact, continuity was done right, scene transition was seamless. I absolutely enjoyed watching this movie. Here is the list of what I think they got right in this movie:

  • The audio, background sound and color grading are all topnotch
  • The drone shots of Kano were so beautifully done.
  • Every major character did an excellent job with their role.

I appreciate the drift from the norm to something different, unique and relevant. I appreciate the focus on cultural issues and the attempt to change the perception of the role of a woman in company/family. The brand placement for Innosson Vehicles is just perfect, patronizing made in Nigeria. The trip to the North, the attempt to unite two regions (north and southeast) that are perceived to despise each other, through the business merger. I like the comedy blend, it’s of the right amount – not too much, not too little, it was just perfect. The scene where Nkem Owoh punched the banker was on point, as expected Chief Pete Edochie was constantly dropping Igbo gems and proverbs to entertain everyone. The role of Obiora (Phyno) was a bit weak, but it’s understandable, he is a musician, first time on the big screens, I guess.

What amazed me is how no one in the family is pushing or pestering Obiora (Phyno), as the only male child to show interest in running his fathers’ company neither were they discouraging him from doing his music either. The mom, Onyeka Onwenu was even at a studio session with him. My people, this movie is different in every way from what is regularly obtainable from Nollywood. No wonder Netflix grabbed it as fast as they can, this is a movie that is going to be seen over and over again and it will be made reference to, years from now.

Lion Heart is an evergreen movie. Congrats to Genevieve Nnaji and the production crew. You guys have set yet another standard of storytelling in Nollywood.

However, there are a few things that could have been done better.

  • The rival company IG Motors of Igwe Pascal (Kanayo Kanyo) that tried to buy out Lion Heart, we didn’t get to see his own company or loading park. He was just introduced on TV. We also didn’t get to see how Chief Pascal and Samuel Akpa (the Lion Heart Board Member) colluded that he should buy them out.
  • At the Arinze (Peter Okoye) scene, I think Adaeze (Genevieve Nnaji) should have at least waited for him to come back into the room and then turn his advances down along with the money, instead of running away like that. After all, she came to him for help.
  • The scene of the brainstorming session in the conference room, Adaeze (Genevieve Nnaji) was just busy scribbling on the board while the drivers were arguing in the background. I think that scene could be better if each of the drivers was given dialogue or at least, let GM talk on their behalf. The scene felt rushed. She could also have mentioned what she overheard in the park about their company while eavesdropping (bad habit).

I somehow had this feeling that the movie was not originally meant for international audience consumption because even though it was subtitled (poorly), I felt a bit left out when they start speaking the Igbo language. The issues that the movie was trying to address are not just an Igbo phenomenon, but global ones. Worldwide, female firstborns have to prove themselves over and over again to be considered worthy of running their family company or leading in the corporate world, unlike male firstborns. I think the producers of the movie could have ensured that they spoke English all through the movie or encode the correct subtitles for each scene into the movie right from the beginning during post-production.

In conclusion, I would say that Lion Heart is a movie that is worth watching and definitely not a waste of time or money. It was well written, produced and directed. Kudos to Genevieve Nnaji and entire production crew once again.

If you don’t agree with this review and the rating given to this movie, calm down, the world is not war. Let’s talk in the comment section or you could just write your own review and give it your own rating, then submit it here on our website, it will get published. The producers will see it and read it, so will your family and friends. Let’s have fun in 2019.

Thank you for reading, remember there is love in sharing.





  • Excellent picture quality
  • Drone shots of Kano were beautifully done
  • All major character delivered there roles well


  • The brainstorming session scene was rushed
  • The acting of the bank manager sent to Lion Heart HQ was poor
  • Poor subtitles for the scenes where actors were speaking Igbo


In conclusion, I would say that Lion Heart is a movie that is worth watching and definitely not a waste of time or money. It was well written, produced and directed. Kudos to Genevieve Nnaji and entire production crew once again.


Sound Quality - 10
Picture Quality - 10
Story Line - 9
Dialogues - 8
Cinematography - 10
Costumes - 8
A very passionate individual that is interested in seeing the entertainment industry achieve its full potential where everyone succeeds.

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