Legendary Soji Ogunaike directs his first TV Series Plus234!

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The popularly sought after tv commercial director Soji Ogunniake, who has shot many commercials for top blue chips and telecos in recent times has finally made his first TV series direction debut by directing the new Plus234 series which was written by Lani Aisida,  starring Tosyn Bucknor(Area Mama), Kiki Omelili, Tope Tedela, Anthony Monjaro,Paul Alumona, Odenike, Whochey Nnadi, Paul Utomi, Judith Audu and Bimbo Ademoye.

The series is centered around the lives of an average working class Nigerians, working togther in an organisation everyday, every month over a number years. The series shows us what happens during these times that different people from different backgrounds spent working together – the love, the hate, the bonds, the betrayal etc. Stay close to tv set and be on the look out, because this series promises to be an interesting one.

Kudo’s to Soji Ogunniake for his tv debut, we look forward to more quality stuffs like this from him.

Watch the trailer here:

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