Legendary Film Maker Tunde Kilani does a comedy flick!

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The legendary award winning, epic film maker Tunde Kilani recently debuted the poster for his new work. Yeepa. The movie is a comedy  and social satire, is one of the award-winning film-maker Tunde Kelani’s attempts to retrieve Yoruba classics, featuring a hybrid of traditional theatre artistes, trained actors and a handful of Nollywood stars with Niji Akanni as the Artistic Director, a statement by Benchmark Media said.

A ‘filmed drama,’ Yeepa depicts Isola (Bayo Bankole) a rascally and unreliable man who is mistaken for the formidable Public Complaints Commissioner, Solarin, by corrupt officials of the local government council.

His presence always causes anxiety and panic among the officials who make desperate efforts to out-do one another so as to please him. Their flurry of activities to cover their misdeeds exposes the high level of corruption and rot prevaling in the local council.

Rather foolishly, Isola is generously bribed and accorded the reception that befits the status of a man of importance, till the discovery of the mistaken identity coincides with the arrival of the real Public Complaints Commissioner, Solarin.

The movie is set to be showed for in al 57 lcda’s in Lagos courtesy of the Lagos state goverment.

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