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This post is for confused folks who dont know what and what the ticket structure and frebbies of Lagos cinemas are like. I was once like that too, back then, when i used to be cinema confused, i wished there was a site i could just visit to get all the info i needed. Well, worry no more,this is a swift rescue.


We start with silverbird, please note that the order is in no way particular, neither does it represent preference. Choice depends on cinema goers.


Silverbird cinemas and their frebbies.


I have a confession,  please , please ,please, and please, don’t take it personal. Truth is i really dnt know much about Silverbid Cinemas,  apart from the fact that they are in the silverbird galleria, and they are also based in the ICM.  I’ve never even been to either, to see any movie since they both began operations. And to think i pass the galleria on a weekly basis. And i sometimes shop at the Ikeja City Mall too.  He no jus do me mek i go watch film for there.

Well, it’s about time abi? And I have to do that pretty soon, starting with the galleria first, abi? dnt worry, i will give you the gist.

But then what does it matter, the main thing is the gist I’m about to bring to you today.


So, here are the Basic things you need to know about Silverbird Cinemas :their tickets and frebbies.




Their addresses:


Silverbird Galleria.

133, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Ikeja city mall… popularly called ICM.

174 / 194, Obafemi Awolowo way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State.



Their tickets and freebies.


Galleria Movie Ticket Prices



Mondays: N1000 for Adult and N1000 for Students/Children (Ticket inludes free popcorn & Drink).


Tuesdays: N1000 for Adult and N500 for Students/Children. ( nothing for you on this day, lol)


Wednesday: N1000 for Adult and N500 for Students/Children.( ticket covers free popcorn only


Friday before 6pm: N1000 for Adult and N500 for Students/Children.


But, Fridays from 6pm: N1500 for Adult and N1000 for Students/Children.


Saturdays: N1500 for Adult and N1000 for Students/Children.


Sundays: N1500 for Adult and , N1000 for Students/Children.


Schools excursion: #750/Person (free popcorn and drink).


Indian Movies: N2, 500/Person (free popcorn and drink)


For days when you dnt have any frebbies to your tickets, Don’t worry about what you will munch, a few bucks will get you a pack of popcorn and a pet drink. They sell it right at the entrance of the cinema at their concession. Dnt ask me how i know, its on their site…lol.



Ikeja City Mall Movie Ticket Prices and their freebies.



Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: Adult – N1000, Student/Children – N500.

Tuesday: N1000(Free popcorn & drink for all).

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Adult N1500, Student/Children N1000.(no frebbies).


Public Holiday: Adult N1500, Student/Children N1000.

School Excursion: N750 (Includes free popcorn & Drink).

3D Movies: 2000 Naira .( without glasses, i guess).


Hall Rental, Movie Premiere, Seminars etc (Contact 234 7017910000)


So, here you are. Detailed info on Silverbird cinema frebbies.

Altho, i must warn that its subject to change,  change is constant naa… shebi you know. But dnt worry, we will always update it here too.

You can also get more information on their website.











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