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From Misfit to Vampire…

The cast for the TV series version of Preacher is starting to come together. We already have a Tulip in the shape of Ruth Negga and Ian Colletti as conflicted, frequently subtitled Arseface. Another key piece of the performance puzzle has fallen into place for the show, and it’s a doozy: Joseph Gilgun will play Cassidy.

Preacher, as you may already know, revolves around troubled small town Texan man of God Jesse Custer, who merges with the spawn of a demon and an angel named Genesis. After developing the power to force anyone to do what he says, he heads out with Tulip and Cassidy on a journey to find the negligent deity and discover why he is abandoning mankind.

Cassidy is the craziest best friend a man could have, a hard-living Irishman who just so happens to also be undead, a vampire for more than 100 years. He’ll try anything once and is also and endlessly fascinating conversationalist with an opinion on everything. Given his mouthy work particularly on Misfits and This Is England (on film and TV), Gilgun seems like a great call for the role. Film-wise, he was most recently seen in Pride and Lockout. He’ll next show up sharing the screen with Vin Diesel of all people in The Last Witch Hunter, set for UK release on November 6.

According to Deadline, Dominic Cooper is up for the role of Custer in the show, but no deal has been made yet. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are behind the potential series, preparing to direct the pilot, with Breaking Bad veteran Sam Catlin on board to write that initial episode and run the show if it scores a full season order.

Source: Empire

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