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Good day ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you good news from the stables of the CA team. We have been working on how to make the site more interesting and interactive for you – our amazing visitors and regular readers. We have finally come to a conclusion and I present to you today the launch of a new section (first of it kind on any movie blog…yeah sue me, lol) ***drum rolls please**** THE CA’s EPL – EPIC PUNCH LINES. 

A collection of epic punch lines from movies, tv series, tv shows, music and music videos etc.  You can now post them here along with the source and your name or twitter handle, you can then share the page with your friends and family on social media and get them to vote for your EPL. At the end of the month, the user(s) who posted the EPL with the highest votes get a free movie ticket. Yup, we shall keep our end of the bargain and post photos of the lucky user(s) with the CA team at the cinema on the website at the beginning of the next month. This section has come to stay, meaning its a monthly thing. Although with the help of supporting brands or partners that might be looking to tap into this amazing opportunity we might just increase the frequency of our give-away any time soon.

So how does it work?

Its pretty simple, are you watching a movie, a tv series, a tv show, a music video or even listening to a song and you picked up on that epic punch line that you can’t seem to get out of your head?

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser, type in
  2. Click on the Submit Idea Button
  3. Type the Epic Punch Line in the title box
  4. Type the source i.e. who said it and where it was said, also type in your name or your twitter handle inside the description box
  5. Click Submit Button
  6. Share the page/page link with your friends and family on social media to get votes for your EPL
  7. Before leaving check out the other EPL’s that had been posted by other users…vote and have a laugh.

T&C – You have to be a registered users on our site to post an EPL so get started right now!

We the CA team are looking forward to reading some sick and epic punch lines from you all, tell a friend to tell a friend to spread word.

Thank you.

An ardent lover of classic movies, animations, country music and adventure video games (COD,BF4 etc). An experienced social entreprenuer who is multiskilled in the media and IT industry. I believe in calling a spade, a spade without sugar coating if i piss you off with my posts here, its nothing personal. Stayed tuned for more interesting reads.

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