First Awesome Official Image Of ‘Yellowjacket’ Sees Him Fighting A Tiny ANT-MAN

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Entertainment Weekly has revealed the above still which pits a tint Ant-Man against Yellowjacket in what looks like one of the most unique comic book movie battles to ever grace the big screen. However, it looks like a bit of an unfair fight, right? “Hank Pym’s Ant-Man suit doesn’t have a single weapon,” reveals director Peyton Reed, “whereas Yellowjacket is armed with plasma cannons.” Oh, so Scott Lang is definitely done for then? Not exactly. “Ant-Man is very fast when he’s small. Also, when he shrinks, he increases his density, so he’s got increased strength.” To get this fight scene right, both Paul Rudd and Corey Stoll had to wear motion capture suits and were shot separately, a huge departure for the former. “It was a new experience as far as the motion-capture-suit-ness of it. But none of it feels that different. Every part, I’m pretending to be somebody I’m not. It’s all just a big lie!” What do you think about this first look at Yellowjacket?

Source: ComicBook

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