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(I actually saw the original copy of this post on Linda Ikeji’s blog. couldnt resist sharing here. interesting facts most people dont know about Mr Jimi).

I’m Anthony Adewunmi.

Jimi Agbaje is one friend that I can die for. They say he is Just Kidding. Let me leave that to you after sharing a few things you may not know about & that he doesn’t say.
Independent & assured: They offered him Deputy Governorship position, but said no
Of all our friends, JK is the most patient and independent minded. I remember when Bola Tinubu offered him the Deputy Governorship ticket of our friend and current Governor Fashola, he said no.
This story was later made public by a top party chieftain of the other party during a campaign rally where he tried to make my friend look ambitious. Look! JK will not serve any other interests but the people’s and says “I will only be Governor on my own terms” Do you know what it means to turn down Power?
And you say he is just kidding. OK.

Private Billionaire: Several $Billion Businesses he is a part of.
Pharmacist Jimi Agbaje is by all standards a successful businessman and one of the quiet billionaires in the country through Hardwork, Determination and Excellence. What most people don’t know is that he is sentimentally attached to the popular ‘JK Pharmacy’ called a one-shop by APC. What they do not know: He is the co-founder of Atlantic Hall School, His company Oakwood Park owns several Protea Hotels. He is an original investor in GT Bank, Do you know the Oil & Gas and Power Company Vigeo; Our friend is on the Board also. Jimi has seen hard earn cash and never stolen public funds. This is the spirit of Lagos.
And you say he is just kidding? OK

Quiet Achievements
He was a Key member in the Anti-Abacha struggle that gave Nigeria this democracy we so cherish. He served as both the Treasurer and Secretary of Afenifere’s Political Committee, a chieftain of the Alliance for Democracy and a key member of Save Nigeria Group alongside Save Nigeria Group. He was a Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria over 20 years Ago.
And you say he is just kidding? OK

Don’t Joke with Biola

Jimi does not play with his wife. They are that close. In 2007, he famously said “I DARE anybody to say he has seen Jimi Agbaje with any other woman apart from his wife” How many Rich, Successful and Politician can unequivocally say this.
I won’t pretend to be a Saint and won’t say Jimi is one either. But I am convinced he is a better choice than Ambode who I also know very well.

Forget all the talk about Party, PDP = APC and APC = PDP. Everyone is aware of the recent defections. Let’s vote the Man!

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