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Have you heard Senator Ben Bruce lately? Well, for us viewers of their 7am news, and their early morning newspaper headlines, you would have noticed Oga Benny coming up with one message or the order. Hashtag CommonSense.


He made the news with his pre-election common sense tweets. Yea, i remember watching him pick a boy from the crowd during one of his campaigns, he promised the young lad scholarship to university level. Nice man. Call it election strategy, but it’s sure worked for him. He won one of the senatorial seat in his state.
Now it’s Post election messages.
Still on hashtag Common sense.
Well, the Senator dropped his latest, few days ago . I call it the ministerial suggestion.

You should listen to him. See, I love his suggestions. Like or rue them, critic him all you want,
But he does have a valid point with those conditions.

Looking at political appointments through Senator Bruce lenscope, it’s brings to reason why most of our so called leaders have not been performing as expected.
Let’s look at it holistically, a minister of transportation who hardly uses our roads will never see why delayed and unfinished road projects be queried. He will never understand what citizens go through daily, if he doesn’t ply those roads with us. Hence Senator Bruce adviced that the minister of transportation should be made to use the road on most occasions.

Tell me, how a minister of education whose children, inlaws, neices, nephews,etc school abroad will ever understand our groaning on the state of decay in our education system. How will he ever get it, his kids and loved ones don’t even school here. Complain all you want, all he will offer are promises. Empty promises. So, let his children school here as suggested by Mr Bruce.


How about a minister of health who goes overseas to check his BP, consults the oyinbos on the best medicine to take for his headaches and sleeplessness. Never again ! They must be made to receive treatments here. Perherps, that will help improve our health sector.


I don’t know much details about investment and it’s powerful effect on the economy. But I sure do know that investing in Nigeria will bring growth to our economy, abi? Reason why Oga Bruce suggested that our minister of Finance should have all his/ her investments in Nigeria, including accounts too. For damage control he said. And I agree with him.
I sincerely believe Mr Bruce is making realistic suggestions. He just fired his best shots so far, which should also cross over to state commissioners too.
If you cannot be part of us completely, you cannot be part of us at all.
For all its worth, I think he’s really making common sense.


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