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As a young person who was born years after the civil war and numerous coup that has happened in Nigeria, I’ve always longed for classic movies that tells the tales of these civil wars and coups. The movie 76 is one of those classic movies that did justice to the story of a failed coup attempt and assassination of the then military head of state Gen Muritala Mohammed.

The movie stared quite a lot of a-list actors and actresses like Ramsey Noah, Rita Dominic, Chidi Mokeme, Ibinabo and so many others who pulled off their roles brilliantly. (P.S. This is a spoiler free review, I want you to go watch yourself and come back here to rate the movie). I would like to first give kudos to the production team for a job well done. Adonis Production, you guys have created something that will be forever remembered as one those rare movies that is worth watching. The director Izu Ojukwu and the other production crew did an amazing job, from the cinematography, to the seamless transitions between scenes, to the picture quality, to the costumes, to the scene props and the witty dialogues infused with sarcasm. Everything was just so on point, for me it was a total package. I can imagine the amount of work that went in to making sure that every actor/actress, scene looked exactly as it was back then. The entire crew did an amazing job taking us back to those days when keeping afro’s and wearing bootcut trousers was the epitome of being cool in Nigeria. I give kudos to the Nigeria Army as well for their cooperation with the production team, without you guys this film won’t have being this cool. The car chase scenes within the barracks was interesting, the hot pursuit sound tracks used brought it to life in a very nice and professional way.

Here is my final verdict, as much as I enjoyed the movie, I would rate this movie a 7 out of 10. This is because there were certain scenes in the movie where the audio did not sync with the lip of the actors and actresses, you could hear the dialogue before the reaction happens and this for me is not a cool at all. Regardless of that please endeavour to go watch it and come back here to rate the movie.


  • They did well with the custumes
  • They did well with the sets and props
  • They did well with the scene transitions


  • They did'nt do well with some of the dialogues
  • The hot pursuit scenes were to short
  • The main actors was trying too hard to be funny


Overall it was a nice movie, I really encourage those who haven’t seen it to please go see it. Let’s encourage and support our very own people who are trying their best to do something different from the norm.


Sound Quality - 5
Picture Quality - 9
Story Line - 7
Dialogues - 4
Cinematography - 6
Costumes - 8
VFX and Graphics - 5
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