My personal beef against the Samsung Galaxy tab 4, 10.0

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See, i love samsung products, especially their S-series.I love their tabs too. I’ve used their S3 and S4 and tab3. Infact, I believe Samsung should be paying me for advertising their products. I also love HTC too. But this post is not for product review or recommendations.


Its a vexing post.Yes, and i mean it. I have come to express my dissatisfaction on a key missing piece in the Galaxy tab 4, 10.0.

As sleek and charming as this tab is, something very key is missing.  LIGHTS.

See that spot where my finger is?




Yes, there.

Well, there should be light there. I mean, light . Could be light from the keypad,  or its own special light, at least give me a reflection of the touch pad. Can you believe Samsung actually left that spot dark. Imagine . I can barely make out the touch pad. For instance, i can’t find my way to that spot if im typing in the dark, shey you get.

I keep wondering if its an error an oversight or deliberate. I still don’t have an answer yet.


This is so not fair. How can they make life this unbearable? I strongly urge them to review this product and have that part fixed immediately. We are complaining. 

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